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    Losing your patience with an unhappy hound? Dr Gary is here to help...


Welcome to the Animal Happiness Perth Mobile Behaviour Vet.

Whether you’ve got chooks in Chidlow or rottweilers in Rockingham the Animal Happiness Vet can help. We provide a complete range of veterinary services and products to your doorstep, cater to a wide range of native and exotic species, and provide an experienced behavioural medicine service.


Please call 9313 2636 or SMS 0434 743 744 for prompt 6 day service.

Any pets with problems that can’t be solved at your home – such as procedures requiring anaesthesia or non-mobile diagnostic equipment – can soon be transported to our fully equipped hospital in Manning, and back home to you afterward! Please call us on 9313 2636 for more information on our opening date.


Do you need to make the final decision?

I also provide compassionate, fear-free home euthanasia for all species, and work with Lawnswood & Passing Paws to ensure caring and trustworthy handling of the departed afterward.