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Please read: News regarding the COVID19 pandemic.

We are still open and intend to stay open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. There are changes to how we are operating already in action. Your safety and the safety of our small team is our utmost concern, but we will continue to deliver vital services to all pet owners and carers as long as we can keep the virus outside our hospital.

Please read this latest blog post on what is happening at Animal Happiness.

Dr Gary and RVN Tara examine Rusty for safe vet care during the COVID19 pandemic





Welcome to the Animal Happiness Vet Hospital & Mobile Service!

We believe in happiness. Improving both your happiness and your pet’s happiness are the goals that motivate all the amazing people in our team.

Our consulting hours are changing from 30/3/20:

  1. Monday – Saturday
    1. 9:00am – 11.00am
    2. 3:00pm – 5:00pm
  2. We are closed on all Sundays and public holidays

You do not need an appointment to see a vet at any time during these consulting hours, however we now encourage you to make an appointment at other times to facilitate social distancing.

The original Animal Happiness Bus

Wherever you are and whatever pets you have the Animal Happiness Vet can help. We provide a complete range of veterinary services and products from our fully equipped new vet hospital in Manning and to your doorstep. We cater to a wide range of native and exotic species, and provide an experienced behavioural medicine service.

We are Perth’s first and best fully integrated animal hospital and mobile veterinary service.


Animal Happiness pet owners consistently rate us 5 stars on both Google reviews and on Facebook reviews. Let us help your fur family today and find out why they all say the same thing!


Please call 6355 5177 or SMS 0434 743 744 for prompt 6 day service. If you want to see a vet during our normal consulting hours you can just walk in!

We are only closed on public holidays!

Surgical procedure at Animal Happiness Vet

In the operating theatre at Animal Happiness Vet

From the very beginning we have designed our service to provide you and your pets with Happiness! Total dedication to a fear-free environment, both in your house and in our hospital helps ensure your loved ones are supported and protected from anxiety.
Complete integration means we can do far more at your home than normal mobile vets. And, whenever it is required, your fur-family can be transported to our fully equipped vet hospital in Manning, and back home to you afterward without you ever needing to leave the house – whether you live in Waterford, Warnbro or Wanneroo!


Home pet euthanasia

They depend on us more than ever at this stage of life

They depend on us more than ever at this stage of life

Do  you need to make the final decision?

We provide compassionate, fear-free home euthanasia for all your pets, and work closely with Lawnswood & Passing Paws to ensure caring and trustworthy handling of the departed afterwards.


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