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Need a reptile vet here in Perth? With collective decades of experience treating reptiles we can help everyone from the novice bearded dragon owner to the experienced herpetologist managing a large collection. We can come to your house and provide husbandry advice and veterinary care relevant to your needs, and we provide a modern well equipped hospital including high resolution digital radiography for effective imaging of even the tiniest reptile patients.

Dr Gary has a wealth of experience with Australian freshwater turtles and recently gave a talk to the Turtle Oblonga Rescue & Rehabilitation Network on shell fracture repairs. We also treat pythons, dragons, bobtails, other lizards and more.

Our hospital also caters to reptile surgery and advanced in-house laboratory testing.

Call us on 63555177 for herpetofauna happiness!

Perth reptile vet examines thorny devil

Moloch horridus doesn’t do happy.