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Behavioural vet home visits – Helping Perth pets be happier

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A well trained dog happy in the park

Providing modern behavioural vet medicine – for calm, happy pets

We provide home visit behavioural vet consults for Perth pets of all species. We also provide help for native animals in collections. Whether you have clucky chooks in Cannington, anxious Alsatians in Armadale, plucking parrots in Palmyra or even cranky cats in Coolbellup – We are here to help! (ok, that’s enough of that!)

Our behavioural vets utilise a broad range of evidence based behavioural therapies (i.e. the ones that have been shown scientifically to work). We provide solutions both with and without medication, and never with punishment when positive methods can achieve a satisfactory result (and they always can). Many years of experience in solving behaviour problems with Perth pets allow us to help you quickly and confidently.

The lives of our pets have changed enormously over the last few decades. The wide open yards and streets of my childhood have been replaced by smaller and smaller fenced in homes. Here dogs are limited to fleeting exposure of unknown passing threats and frequently left alone all day. All too often our cats are startled by an invading cat, right next to them, separated by just a pane of glass. At the same time, research is providing a greater respect for the interconnection between mind and body and the connection between mental stress and physical disease. There is a drop in happiness out there, and mostly people just don’t know it. The impacts are far reaching – and heart-breaking.

If you are concerned any of your pets are just not acting right contact us today. If you fur family seem unhappy there are likely to be problems we can help with. Please call 0434 743 744 or fill in the contact form.
We owe it to our pets to attend to their mental health as well as their physical health