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Changes to appointments and opening hours

Changes to appointments and opening hours

Changes to appointments and opening hours

Exciting changes are coming very soon at Animal Happiness! Starting in March we will be open for consults on a walk-in basis and we will begin providing consulting hours on Sundays!

What does this mean?

Beginning March 2019 you will no longer need to phone us or book online to see one of our vets. You will be able to simply come in any time during our consulting hours plus we will start consulting 7 days a week. The only days we will be closed will be public holidays!

We encourage those who are on a tight time schedule to call us to check if there is much of a queue as people will served on a first-come-first-served basis. If your animal has an urgent/emergency condition the triage nurse will assess your pet and take you straight through if appropriate.

We also hope to make the waiting room security camera available on this web site so you can easily check how busy we are (technology permitting!!)

Your input

We would love to hear from all clients about this change. We have a continuous goal of practice improvement and we are confident we can provide a more timely and effective service for everyone this way.

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