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Further changes to procedures & opening hours

Further changes to procedures & opening hours

Further changes to procedures & opening hours

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Teams & hours (Updated 10/6/20)

To further manage our risk of exposure to Covid-19 disease Animal Happiness has made the decision to split our team into two entirely separate and fully functional units. This means that should one of our team contract Covid-19 or otherwise need to go into quarantine we will still have an unexposed team able to run the hospital, albeit on an even more limited basis.

Team 1 will consist of Dr Gary and RVN Nadia with receptionist Aly. They will be running the hospital Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday.

Team 2 will be Dr Julia, RVN Sammy, and RVN Tara. They will be running the hospital Thursday / Friday / Saturday.

Dr Gary will be providing mobile visits on Thursdays and Fridays. Where possible he may be able to do urgent home visits Mon/Tues/Wed and some Saturdays.

We will no longer be opening on Sundays. 🙁 However we will be providing longer hours on Saturdays.

We will also need to shorten our days. We will be open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

We will welcome walk-in consults from 9 – 11 am and 3 – 5 pm throughout the week including Saturday. We will be making booked appointments from 11 am – 3 pm, and after 5 pm, based on availability allowing for surgical procedures and home visits.

New procedures

The hospital will be open, but the door may be closed. Don’t worry.

So that we can maintain safe social distancing, you are now asked to remain outside the hospital unless we allow you in. Our goal is that only our staff and your pets come inside.

Call us on your phone and a team member will check you in, or organise the products you need to collect/order.

Please call 63 555 177 or 0434 743 744

Please wait at least 1.5m away from any person waiting ahead of you. There are chairs and benches throughout the garden. It’s actually quite lovely and we will probably go on making this an option long after the pandemic has passed!

We are asking customers to limit visits to just essential matters.

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Animal health concerns

If you are unsure just ask one of our team.

We also ask that you limit visits to just 1 person per pet. Children are asked to remain home.

Consultations will be conducted entirely in the gardens where possible, and when an animal does need to come inside we need you to wait outside and talk via phone.

If you are purchasing food, meds etc you are even welcome to remain in your car. The purchase can be made over the phone and your products will be brought straight out to your car!

And finally – we request you avoid using cash unless you really have no choice.


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