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We see Perth birds. All of them! We are the bird vet happy to provide expert veterinary care for all bird species.

  • All species/breeds of poultry – including ducks and geese
  • Canaries, finches and other small aviary species
  • Weiros (cockatiels)
  • Large parrots
  • Native Australian birds – including backyard magpies and wild birds being rehabilitated
  • Emus
Girl holding chicken, Perth bird vet
Caring for animals is a valuable learning process for all family members.

We have a wealth of experience as bird vets and a particular love of and focus on backyard poultry. Dr Gary believes the keeping of chickens, ducks, geese and even turkeys as a wonderful, sustainable and smart thing for urban residents to do. The process of raising, nurturing and benefiting from small backyard poultry flocks is excellent for childhood development and for adult mental well-being. There are some health risks that need to be managed and relationships with neighbours certainly need to be respected – but it is all achievable! Go visit the WA Ag Department webpage or this ABC article for more eggsellent information on keeping chooks.

We can provide flock health monitoring and a wealth of useful chook management advice. We provide experienced in-house pathology testing and utilise specialist labs for ultra-sensitive DNA testing. From quarantine periods to compassionate and cost-effective home euthanasia, the full life-cycle of urban poultry keeping is taken care of for you.

Where birds require procedures or diagnostics we cannot provide at your home we can provide transport and the facilities at at our fully equipped veterinary hospital in Manning.

When can I get my birds seen? – Thursdays and Saturdays are the best days for avian consults

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Email or SMS/call us for a visit now – 0434 743 744 or 63 555 177