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Can I pay later for pet treatment?

Can I pay later for pet treatment?

Can I pay later for pet treatment?

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What do I do if my pet is sick and I don’t have the money to pay the vet bills? Can Animal Happiness Vet still help me? This is a heartbreaking situation on BOTH sides of the consulting table and a question we hear far too often. 

It does cost money to have a pet, and everybody should factor vet bills into family budgeting before purchasing or taking on a new pet. The best way to lower your financial risks with vet bills is to get your pet insured. But obviously if your animal is already sick – it is too late to get insurance for that problem!

As a small family practice we simply can’t provide treatment on credit – in any situation. However, we do support two different third-party payment plans and they can ensure the optimal health of your pet without leaving you unable to put food on the dinner table. They cover your bill now, we treat your pet immediately and you pay the debt off later. Win, win!

The first organisation we’ve partnered with is VetPay. This is a veterinary specialist lender who offers flexible payment plans. They provide same day finance so that you are empowered to provide the very best healthcare for your pet.

Another lender we work with is Zip, who can lend you the cost of smaller bills in minutes. You may have heard of them elsewhere as they lend money for all sorts of purchases. They charge no interest and the fees are surprisingly reasonable!

As with anything financial, it pays to do your own research and work out which of these options might suit your personal circumstances. It’s possible to set yourself up with a Zip or VetPay account at any time before you might need to use it, or if you’re in at the vet hospital and need a payment plan option, then our staff will be on hand to point you towards the options available. 

The team here at the Animal Happiness Vet is all about keeping our animals happy and healthy, so if you have any queries or concerns about your pet, or the costs associated with their veterinary care, then please contact us as we’ll be only too happy to help.

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