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The Covid-19 Pandemic – What it means for you, us and your pets

The Covid-19 Pandemic – What it means for you, us and your pets

The Covid-19 Pandemic – What it means for you, us and your pets

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Animal Happiness Vets are determined to continue to provide essential services to all the animals in your care throughout this tragic pandemic. There is a lot we all need to learn and some compromises have to be made. But we are determined to remain open and provide excellence in care and happiness for you and your pets.

This post will cover

  • Changes to how we operate
  • The risks of Covid-19 exposure to your pets
  • Our collective obligations

Changes to how we operate

Until further notice, we will be using our hospital gardens as our waiting room. Our actual waiting room will be kept empty. There are tables benches dotted throughout our sprawling gardens. We ask that you phone us on arrival and a nurse will check you in as soon as possible. If you have come for a consultation the vet will meet you in the gardens and assess the problem. With cats, birds and more anxious pets we will likely bring the animal into the hospital where a nurse and vet will examine it. With larger and more confident pets we will examine and likely, treat, all in the gardens.

So far this has all been working very well, but it does mean things all take a bit longer, so we beg of your patience to help us get through everybody’s concerns.

We request that all children (other than in prams) are left at home until further notice. Children may represent a far higher risk of spread of the disease as they are less likely to show any symptoms of infection.

If you have been directed to self-isolate, or have been in contact with somebody who was directed to self-isolate, or you are noticing any signs of illness or flu, you must call us first from home (63 555 177 or 0434 743 744). We will find a solution, using telemedicine or helpers, to avoid you needing to attend the hospital in person.

If you are unable to utilise Telemedicine (see below) or get someone else to bring your pet to us you are requested to stay in your vehicle and simply phone the reception team (63 555 177 or 0434 743 744) once you have parked. The nurse will come to you and, when the vet is able to see you, they will also come to your car as well.


If you are in a high risk group and we have seen your pet before we are able to perform tele-consultations. We are using the following video conferencing apps

  • Google Hangouts
  • WhatsApp
  • FB Messenger

Set up one of these apps on your phone, call our reception team and we will schedule a video-conferenced consultation from your home. Please ensure you can set up a nice brightly illuminated area where you can show us your pet. Dark rooms make for blurry video.

Other details

If your animal needs treatment, diagnostic procedures etc that cannot be performed outside the clinic a nurse and vet will bring the pet inside without you needing to leave your vehicle.

If you have arrived on foot (as many of our wonderful super-local owners do!) you can simply use one of the benches, but you must inform the team of your risk status.

The risks of Covid-19 exposure to your pets

There have been reports from Hong Kong that a dog owned by a patient with COVID-19 has tested positive to the presence of the virus in its nose and mouth. This may be a case of human to animal transmission, however the dog’s first blood tests have been negative. At this stage there is no evidence that pet dogs or cats are a source of infection to other animals or humans. We are continuing to monitor this situation and will provide updated information as it becomes available.

Our collective obligations

Importantly, your pet will not be denied care even if you are supposed to be self isolating, or even COVID-19 positive. We will take care of your pets, we just need to know your risk status so we can manage the situation safely and appropriately. Be honest and we will take care of you.

Remember, we are veterinarians. We deal with infectious viruses and biosecurity every day. We’ve never seen this particular virus before but we are trained to deal with unexpected outbreaks of dangerous microbes. This is our business and we take it very seriously so your animals can be happy.

Please call us to discuss any questions or concerns. 63 555 177.

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