Animal Happiness Vet

Welcome to the website of the Animal Happiness Vet.

Welcome to the website of the Animal Happiness Vet.

Welcome to the website of the Animal Happiness Vet.

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I’m Gary Beilby and I am available to help all your animal health issues with a particular focus on behavioural health and exotic/native species.

The pages here provide general information about my veterinary service as well as a blog, or web journal. I will update this blog as regularly as time permits (i.e. annually) bringing you stories from my travels and useful tips for all sorts of common pet problems and clever ideas to improve the happiness in your non-human family.

Please feel free to Email me to discuss particular issues or just suggest topics for future blogs.

Also please feel free to hit the link and join the conversation on Facebook. 😀

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the website of the Animal Happiness Vet.

  1. Sally

    Hi Gary, I’m really enjoying your blogs on anxiety in dogs. I was wondering if in your next blog about dealing with the anxieties if there will be anything about car trips? I have a 7 month female labrador who gets so so ancious and stressed in the car. We have tried rewarding calm behaviour with treats and just driving around the block as to teach her that not all car trips end in a reward of the dog park or beach or vets (she weirdly loves the vets) etc but so far we don’t seem to be getting anywhere wih her and driving with her constant barking is not good for her or us. Any tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂 thanks, Sally.

    1. Gary Post author

      No problems Sally – Car problems are a huge issue and one I intend to look at.
      This weeks post will be of some help, and I’ll get more specific on that problem later. 🙂

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