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The Manning Vet Hospital is now open!

The Manning Vet Hospital is now open!

The Manning Vet Hospital is now open!

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I am now very excited to announce that the Manning vet hospital we have been working so hard toward has now opened its doors! Residents in Como, Waterford, Salter Point and Manning have lacked a local general practice veterinary centre for some time now. This state-of-the-art hospital will provide a full range of veterinary services for all domestic animals as well as wildlife care.

A new team and shiny new gear!

The hospital will be run by myself and a small team of highly capable and super friendly veterinarians and nurses. We have the very latest in fully digital diagnostic equipment including blood analysers, real-time digital radiology and a fully equipped and digitally monitored surgical facility.


The new Manning vet hospital animal wards are likewise cutting edge. Your pets will enjoy video monitoring, climate control with air filtering and nature/relaxation soundscapes. Minimising stress shortens recovery times and makes for happier animals!


Our radiology suite has already been praised by the specialists at the Veterinary Imaging Centre as providing some of the best images in Perth!


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The hospital is located at 133 Manning Road, on the corner of Marsh Ave, just East of the Welwyn Ave lights. Note that if you are approaching from the freeway end you will want to turn at the Welwyn Ave lights and come around onto Marsh Ave. The island is solid where our Manning vet hospital is situated which can be a bit confusing. Look for the orange banners!

The Manning vet hospital will interoperate closely with our mobile vet service. Mobile clients from all over Perth will be able to benefit from the surgical and diagnostic backup provided by the hospital and likewise Manning vet clients will benefit from easily arranged home visits when needed.

3 thoughts on “The Manning Vet Hospital is now open!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi there Beverley – thanks for enquiring! We don’t have a sheet like that I’m sorry – Please feel free to phone us and ask for any specific prices.

  1. Steve Stickland

    Hey Gary – good to see you’re doing well. I imagine Kai is… 23 or more years old by now. Yeah it’s been a long strange trip & I know I’m a bit of a blast from the past- been living n working internationally for about 15 years – I’m at – easy to remember- it’s the Fibonacci sequence- I’m in Perth & sadly unemployed but will try to catch up in the coming months – hope you n the family are all ok

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