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Dr Gary Beilby

BSc. (Vet Biol.), BVMS., MVS (Conservation medicine)

Hi there! I’m the original Animal Happiness Vet. I’ve been treating Perth pets since 1990, have additional qualifications in native/exotic species medicine and a deep, passionate interest in behaviour medicine as it affects the happiness of the animals in our lives. So many animals cope very poorly with a visit to the vet, and it has been my mission for many years now to help with that problem!

I was born and raised in Perth, and I have travelled extensively throughout Australia from a young age. I have a deep love of the West Australian bush – from the deserts to the tall forests – and I draw enormous nourishment from camping out under the stars or sitting quietly waiting for wildlife to pass in front of my camera lens. I graduated from Murdoch University in 1987, and again in 1989 and then went back for another helping (Conservation Masters) in 2008. I believe none of us are ever too old to learn – especially our pets!

My 2 gorgeous girls are Gemma (on the left) and Katie.

Dr Gary is available at the hospital for booked appointments at 11 am most weekdays as well as Monday and Wednesday evenings and a share of the Saturdays for walk-in visits. He is also available all week by appointment for home visits.

At the end of the day, nothing motivates me more, or makes me happier than helping my clients with their animal family :-)

Dr Julia Galvez

Lic. Vet., MACVS (Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Medicine of Autralasian Wildlife, Avian Health, Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets), Cert. Con. Med. , cMAV

Dr. Julia joined our clinic September 2019, and was a right fit from the beginning. She has extensive experience working in GP practice in the UK, later working with specialists in Emergency and Critical Care in Perth for over fifteen years.

Her working history also includes working in a large wildlife hospital in the Eastern States and obtaining a certification in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture in the USA and a Certification in Conservation Medicine at Murdoch University. Even with such broad interests it still comes as a surprise that she has four memberships from the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists!

Julia believes in the practice style of James Herriot, humour has to be part in the daily contact with pets. Julia likes to explain, and sometimes over explain, as she believes that the more information owners have about the health choices available to pets, the better she is at her job. Being able to minimise stress to her patients is a reason why she loves our practice. Having seen the fast pace and stress of the veterinary industry, she can appreciate what she calls ‘a different way of doing things’.

She is amusingly quirky just like her border terrier Dopamine and speaks fluent Spanish (they both do).

Dr Julia’s highly infectious smile can be caught on Monday & Wednesday mornings as well as Thursdays and Fridays.

Sammy Long RVN

Sammy is our head nurse, has a particular talent and interest in reception and administrative organisation. But most of all, she loves the animals – and one of the great things about being on reception is greeting and loving all the fur (hairy, feathered, etc) “people” that come in the front door.

She has over 6 years experience as trainee and qualified Vet Nurse in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and now at Animal Happiness Vet here in Western Australia.

Sammy is also a bit of an artist. Prior to becoming a vet nurse she explored many artistic talents as career goals – painting/stone masonry, graphic design – but found the fun dissipated when they became something you ‘had to do’. They are good hobbies! But the one thing that is both fun and an interesting on-going enjoyable work focus into the future is animals.

Sammy owns one over-excitable, extra lanky, but lovable 5yo English Pointer named Tangles. Tangles was rescued from the RSPCA 3 years ago.

Nadia Celesti RVN

Nadia is our foundation happiness nurse. She was instrumental in setting up our hospital, researching equipment and establishing nursing practices. Nadia’s main passion is for surgical nursing and critical care, but it’s very clear that she loves any opportunity to help any of our amazing clients and their pets.

Nadia came to veterinary nursing after an amazing and varied early work life, and when searching for a new work passion, she realised that she always had a tremendous love for all animals feathered, scaley or furry. After graduating as a veterinary nurse in 2014, Nadia began working at a specialist hospital as a surgery nurse and at the same time began voluntary work at a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

She shares a household with her beloved furry, feathered and scaly friends which include an English Staffy, a Ragdoll Cat, a Sun Conure, two Bearded Dragons, plus two human kidlets and a two legged hairy nosed Wombat.

Tara Clarke RVN

Tara has been a registered Veterinary Nurse since 2014 and part of the happy team since our official start in September 2016. Tara came to us with strong past experience in business ownership and management, and experience in working with patients from WA Seabird Rescue and Native ARC, complimenting our wildlife interest and expertise perfectly.

We love Tara for her positive disposition. She keeps the team, clients and patients light and happy. At the Animal Happiness Vet hospital she clearly enjoys every aspect of nursing, from surgical nursing, reception, to designing and running our unique, best practice, puppy classes.

Tara has had a life of animal love from a childhood pet labrador and holidays on grandparents’ farms in South Australia. As an adult her two girls grew up on a hobby farm surrounded by sheep, horses, guinea pigs, chickens, 3 cats, 1 dog and the odd orphaned lamb. She has volunteered at Native ARC for 5 years before undertaking her vet nursing qualification. She now has the joy of loving all the AHV patients, along with her own Lhasa Apso X rescue dog Rusty and her kitty, Obi.