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Dr Gary Beilby

BSc. (Vet Biol.), BVMS., MVS (Conservation medicine)

Hi there! I’m the original Animal Happiness Vet. I’ve been treating Perth pets since 1990, I’m nuts about chooks, have additional qualifications in native/exotic species medicine and a deep, passionate interest in behaviour medicine as it affects the happiness of the animals in our lives. So many animals cope very poorly with a visit to the vet, and it has been my mission for many years now to help with that problem!

I was born and raised in Perth, and I have travelled extensively throughout Australia from a young age. I have a deep love of the West Australian bush – from the deserts to the tall forests – and I draw enormous nourishment from camping out under the stars or sitting quietly waiting for wildlife to pass in front of my camera lens. I graduated from Murdoch University in 1987, and again in 1989 and then went back for another helping (Conservation Masters) in 2008. I believe none of us are ever too old to learn – especially our pets!

My 2 gorgeous girls pictured are Gemma (no longer with us) and Katie. I also now have 2 delightful rescue cats, Mark and Jennie, who keep both Gary and Katie on their toes!

Dr Gary is available at the hospital for walk-in and booked appointments on Thursdays and Saturdays.

He is also available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for home visits, by appointment.

At the end of the day, nothing motivates me more, or makes me happier than helping my clients with their animal family :-)

Dr Tara Pike

Dr Tara joined us in June 2020 and was immediately a great fit for our team with her caring and approachable personality.

Having graduated from Murdoch University in 1996, Dr Tara has spent most of her vet career working in small animal practice, both here in Perth and in the UK. She enjoys a variety of small animal care, both surgically and medically, and thoroughly enjoys liaising with clients and providing the best possible service and care for their pets. You can meet Dr Tara at our hospital on Monday mornings and Tuesdays.

Over the years Dr Tara has been involved in Animal Welfare work where she contributes to education and research, and has over 10 years experience as an educator within the animal industry to develop and support vet nursing students. 

When not at work Dr Tara and her husband enjoy a busy lifestyle raising their 3 children and one very disobedient cat called Ducati!! 

Masaaki SenseiDr Masaaki Kondo

Masaaki Sensei came from Japan in 2001 to be a veterinarian and graduated from Murdoch Uni in 2006. Since then Masaaki has been working as a small animal veterinarian in Perth. Prior to this, Masaaki went to university in Japan and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. In his school days Masaaki enjoyed riding horses, was a member of a local horse riding club and also worked as a stable hand in the racing industry.

Masaaki has 2 dogs; Olie is a 7 yr old Labrador, Lucia is a 6 yr old german shepherd. He also cares for 3 birds; Kuta the Galah, Cheetah the rainbow lorikeet, and Hatotchi (means dove in Japanese) – a 12 yr old spotted turtle dove.

When not working, Masaaki is usually flat out playing with his 4 year old daughter!

Masaaki Sensei is in the hospital all week and is available for consults on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Dr RichieDr Richard Whitehead

Richard was born and raised in Albany. He recalls that his earliest memories are of trying to stop his Mum from squashing redback spiders, and that, like many veterinarians, he grew up knowing that all he ever wanted to be was a vet. Richie grew up around animals, namely dogs and chickens, and recalls with a smile the individually named pet chickens that lived a life many humans would be jealous of!

He has practiced as a veterinarian throughout Western Australia, as both a mixed practitioner and a small animal vet. He also spent time overseas as a volunteer vet in both Botswana and South Africa. It was through working as a vet that it was confirmed to him that he really did love all great creatures great and small.

After taking some time away from the profession, Richard returns with an inexhaustible compassion for all animals, and a powerful desire to help both them and their owners. He is enthusiastic and warm, and is rarely seen without a welcoming smile and some kind words for all.

He feels immensely grateful to be a part of the veterinary profession, and is super-excited to join the team at Animal Happiness Vet. He knows that as a veterinarian, he can really make a difference to the welfare of animals and the lives of their owners.

Dr Richie is available for consults from Wednesday to Saturday.

Sammy Long – Practice Manager

Sammy gained her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing in 2016 but has been vet nursing since 2012. She has a particular talent and interest in management and administrative organisation. But more than anything, she loves the animals – and while she may keep busy with admin duties she is still active in the nursing side of things wherever possible. 

Sammy started her career in the Northern Territory, then moving to Queensland, and has now settled here in Western Australia at Animal Happiness Vet.

Sammy is also a bit of an artist. Prior to becoming a vet nurse she explored many artistic talents as career goals – painting/stone masonry, graphic design – but found the fun dissipated when they became something you ‘had to do’. They are good hobbies! But the one thing that is both fun and an interesting on-going enjoyable work focus into the future is animals.

Sammy owns one over-excitable, extra lanky, but lovable aging English Pointer named Tangles. Tangles was rescued from the RSPCA.

Ebony Tammerijn – RVN

Ebony completed her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing in mid 2020 but has been working in vet practices since 2018. Being one of our most outstanding vet nursing students, we begged Ebony to join our team in 2019.

Prior to becoming a vet nurse Ebony completed a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Wildlife Biology and certificates in captive animals, which led her to work in a wildlife park in Cairns. She eventually grew tired of the tourism industry and wanted to do more in terms of helping animals and our wildlife, so returned home to Perth to start vet nursing.

Ebony grew up with birds and dogs. She currently has two scotties, Kizmet (pictured) and Whiskey. Ebony always keeps super busy hiking, camping, kayaking, taking photos and doing anything outdoors, including running her local Scout group.

Aly Hatulan – RVN

Aly completed her Cert IV qualification through AVT in 2022. Aly used to work in her family’s cafe as a manager but felt like she needed a change with a sprinkle of more challenge – her love for animals has led her to pursue a career in veterinary nursing. Aside from caring for and getting cuddles from all the furry patients, she absolutely enjoys the variety of tasks and how each day presents a different challenge and surprise. Aly also has a crazy good memory and great attention to detail. She will most likely remember you by your first name and your pet’s name even just on your first visit!

Aly has a broad range of interests but has recently been obsessed by motorcycles since acquiring a bike. However, when she’s not laying down times at WA tracks or exploring our beautiful country roads, she spends her time playing volleyball, baking, playing musical instruments, martial arts, hiking, travelling (before covid), dragging her partner to check out yummy food venues and diving, as she has always been mesmerised and fascinated by marine animals.

Aly has a tough looking softie Amstaff called Buddy (pictured) and a loud and quirky but very affectionate Galah who loves to dance, called “Felix”.

Adrienne Smith – RVN

From a very young age Adrienne knew she wanted to work with animals. She never wavered from that goal and it was never going to be anything else. She completed a Cert III in 2019 with an academic achievement award and then went on to complete her Cert IV in 2020.

Prior to this Adrienne had been a volunteer carer at both Darling Range Wildlife Shelter and Native Animal Rescue in Malaga.

Adrienne’s goal as a vet nurse is to help take away some stress from vet visits, for pets and their owners. It’s always stressful when your pet is sick or in for surgery and she tries to show people their pets are loved and taken great care of when they’re with us in the clinic.

Beyond her human significant other, the love of Adrienne’s life is Wally, the little chihuahua pictured with her. If you are lucky enough, you might meet Wally at our hospital!

Kye Harris – RVN

Kye grew up in Perth and has always had a passion for animals. She played mixed netball for WA and enjoys playing netball in her free time. She also loves taking her Australian Shepherd, Ollie, for bush hikes and pup dates with his Aussie shepherd squad.

As a child, Kye had two toy poodles and a blue heeler, as well as two cockatiels that ended up mating with her grandmother’s bird. They ended up hand raising 3 babies and kept Milo and Chooki while finding a home for the third. This sparked her interest in birds. She also had a kitty cat named Middy who passed away a few years ago.

Kye is now the proud owner of a female Cockatiel named Missy, who is the queen of her house. She also has an Alexandrine called Eugene and a 2-year-old Aussie Shepherd called Ollie.

As a veterinary nurse, Kye is most interested in the avian side of things. Birds are amazing creatures with unique personalities and fascinating anatomy that have always fascinated her. She became a nurse after many years in retail and realizing that it was not what she was looking for. She asked herself what she loved and decided that making pet parents and their pets feel safe in a vet setting is something that makes a difference and gives valuable meaning to her working life.