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5 Reasons to call Perth’s Animal Happiness Mobile Vet

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  1. 100% focus on your pet’s happiness.
    We don’t do diagnostic or surgical procedures just because we can. If intervention isn’t likely to result in a better quality of life for your pet we don’t go there. However, we have a fully equipped modern veterinary hospital as part of the service and can transport your pet to AND from the hospital allowing us to treat ANY problem without you needing to leave the house!
  2. Dollars and sense.
    It costs very little more to have an experienced, compassionate veterinarian come to visit you in your home. The normal consulting fee is $102 plus $2.50 per km from our Manning Hospital.
  3. A wealth of behavioural expertise.
    For years we have been solving anxiety and aggression problems. Is your pet a mess at the vet? We provide a fear-free environment and take the time to relax angry, scared animals rather than depending only on restraint and sedation.
  4. Full general practice service including chooks!
    All species, all disease processes, including blood tests and other diagnostic steps right in your house. I carry a comprehensive range of medications, vaccinations and other therapeutic options to treat most needs.
  5. Discuss your problem with an experienced vet before committing to any expense.
    I am happy to talk with you about your concerns via phone, SMS, Email or Facebook to decide how best to solve a problem.
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All about the Animal Happiness Mobile Vet…

Animal Happiness Vets – Perth’s first and only fully integrated animal hospital and mobile vet service!

Hi there! I’m Gary Beilby, the Animal Happiness Perth Mobile Vet. I’ve been treating Perth pets since 1990, have additional qualifications in native/exotic species management and a deep, passionate interest in behaviour medicine as it affects the happiness of the animals in our lives. So many animals cope very poorly with a visit to the vet, and being able to bring the veterinary process to them can significantly improve outcomes for nervous, frightened and aggressive pets.

I was born and raised in Perth, and I have travelled extensively throughout Australia from a young age. I have a deep love of the West Australian bush – from the deserts to the tall forests – and I draw enormous nourishment from camping out under the stars or sitting quietly waiting for wildlife to pass in front of my camera lens. I graduated from Murdoch University in 1987, and again in 1989 and then went back for another helping (Masters) in 2008. I believe none of us are ever too old to learn – especially our pets!

At the end of the day, nothing motivates me more, or makes me happier than helping my clients with their animal family :-)

I am available to visit 6 days a week – always by appointment. I am based near the Perth CBD but am able to visit anywhere in the greater Perth metropolitan area depending on the situation.

If you need a mobile vet to visit in Perth, Help is just a phone call away (Also SMS 0434 743 744, Email, FB message).