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Puppy Happiness Classes

Puppy Happiness Classes

Puppy Happiness Classes

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Here at Animal Happiness we love puppies! I mean, really, there is likely something wrong with you if you don’t, but we are obsessive. Getting pups off to a good start in life is just so very important. There are many different parts of ensuring you have a happy balanced pup in those first formative months, but one of the most important is puppy pre-school.

We run our own puppy pre-school of course, providing a program of 4 weekly sessions with the amazing and enthusiastic Tara Clarke RVN. Tara’s Puppy Happiness Classes have been an amazing success since their inception and we intend to go on providing them indefinitely. It is a fully structured program taking pup owners through all aspects of basic pet husbandry through to advanced training concepts. Importantly, all of this is delivered in a safe and super-fun environment.

Vaccination is necessary for enrollment – but we start the class well before the final puppy vaccination to ensure the crucial puppy socialisation window is still open and your pup has the lowest risk possible of developing anxieties and phobias to strange dogs, people and other things.

Please call us today to enrol your little bundle of joy in the happiest puppy pre-school in the state! Ph 63 555 177.

One thought on “Puppy Happiness Classes

  1. Louise Jeffees

    I have a 7 week old maltese shitzu, he has had one vaccination and is due again early July. How much is your puppy school and when does it run?
    Kind regards

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